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Arteinversión Gallery is a space not only for exhibitions where an average of four displays take place every year, but is also dedicated to cultural management, collection advice, office decoration and company gifts.


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Arteinversión is specializes in purchasing and selling art, as well as publishing and promoting Spanish and international art, by various means; whether by publishing artwork through the "Prints Club" or by hosting exhibitions in the facilities of Boadilla del Monte, in Madrid.

 Arteinversión works with more than 300 artists, among them acclaimed Spanish artists like Picasso, Miró, Juan Gris, Feito, Tápies, Guerrero, Guinovart, Canogar, etc. and also famous international artists such as Bacon, Keith Haring, Motherwell and Christo.

 Arteinversión specializes in different fields, such as cultural management, company gifts and the manufacture of Tombstones.


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ISABEL II, 24-26, 28660, Boadilla del Monte, Madrid

Telephone +34 91 632 53 58 Fax +34 91 632 53 59

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